Johaat Chemicals and Multi-global Services Limited is one of the leading
suppliers of speciality chemicals from Nigeria and has been known to deliver
excellently in all of its various Services across the globe.

Since its inception in July 2013, the company has successfully delivered a wide
range of high quality services by the effective use of state- of the-art
materials in all our production process. When it comes to performance
chemicals we produce and supply to diversified markets including oil,
lubricants, polymers, water treatments, paints, pharmaceuticals,
environmental evaluation & assessments, QA/QC, personal care, agrochemicals in numerous parts of the globe.

We also carry out other major services such as; Consultation and Training,
Contract execution, Facility Management, Security and Cleaning Services and
other add-on services.

In areas such as Oil and chemical services, our company’s range of products
are all backed by total commitment to engineering innovative solutions that
meet the requirements of our clients. Our focus is to expand your drilling
performance with professional solutions.

Our Mission Statement

To be a first-rate pricing company as well as one to provide quality,
excellence, innovation and expert support & services to our
customers both locally and globally. Every member of the team is
targeted at the closing purpose and goal of satisfactory, fast &
effective service culminating to a zero down time, excellent service
delivery with the use of standard technology and state-of-the art

Our Vision Statement

To be one of the world-class leading companies providing diverse range of products and services integrated with significant global presence based on
quality, expertise and service reliability.

JCM’s vision is to become a company operating responsibly, delivering value to stakeholders and applying the best industry practices and technologies to develop a stable customer base.

Our Core Values

  • Safety

  • Quality

  • Innovation

  • Intergrity

Our Objectives

1. To make available appropriate processes for all personnel to develop a way of life of exceptional and excellent customer service delivery. Provide an all- inclusive empowerment scheme to enhance and create room for innovation.

2. To ensure that every transaction results to customer loyalty and long-term relationship.

3. To make sure that standard procedures are maintained and provided to enhance technical and technological development.


What Our Clients Are Saying